Foto-Herbst was founded in September 1st 1955 by W. Friedheim Herbst. He opened a small store in a former tobacco shop, Poststraße 18 in Dittersdorf, Saxonia. As a learned druggist in photography he succeeded to make his company known among professionals and amateurs in the east of Germany. Today our internet integrated business is held by the second generation, managed by G. Zschage.

Since nearly 60 years FOTO-HERBST sells antique box cameras, folding- and plate cameras, newer and older 35mm and SLR cameras as well as lenses from MEYER to CARL ZEISS. And of course all kinds of accessories. The most of it was produced here in the area before or after 1945. Dresden is the cradle of camera production, where well-known companies such as ICA, Ihagee or ERNEMANN began their triumphal procession around the world. FOTO-HERBST operates since 1955, trading in antique and classic cameras, lenses and accessories.

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